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Christopher Horn

“Everyone Plants Seeds… Leaders Make Them Grow.”   

Chris Horn
Territory Managing Broker 

Greater Fort Worth, TX


Christopher Horn

Territory Managing Broker

Greater Forth Worth, TX


Chris is a solutions-focused, versatile professional, and entrepreneur. His background includes  a comprehensive background in real estate, independent builder and contractor, business ownership, business management.  Chris had a role supporting U.S. military operations, air traffic management operations, and flight service safety operations. These roles of increasing responsibility were during an eight-year career in the Air Force, an eleven-year career in flight services with Lockheed Martin and Leidos.


After his time with the Air Force and aviation, Chris concentrated his efforts in real estate as a broker owner of an independent brokerage. As an effective communicator who quickly masters new roles and technologies to achieve positive results, he now brings his background to Brokers Without Borders to offer his knowledge and experience to the DFW area.

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