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Thinking about leaving Real Estate?

Are you considering stepping away from real estate temporarily, or maybe even retire for good?

 Before you make that decision, consider the value of your hard-earned real estate license.

How it Works
Sign Up with My Green Parachute

Visit our website at and sign up to become a Professional Referral Agent. It's a quick and easy process to get started on maximizing the potential of your real estate license.

 Earn Long Term Income from all your hard work.  

Once Enrolled we help you leverage your network for more referrals from your family, friends, acquaintances, former clients, or anyone in need of a realtor to My Green Parachute. We handle the heavy lifting, and you earn a generous 25% referral commission for every successful connection.

Enjoy Passive Income and Flexibility

Sit back and watch your referral income grow. As a Professional Referral Agent, you'll appreciate the freedom from MLS, realtor fees, and board dues. Plus, with the flexibility to reactivate to full-time whenever you desire, it's a win-win situation tailored to your terms.

MGP Professional

Preserve Your Investment:

Your real estate license is a valuable asset—don't let it go to waste. Explore a unique alternative to keep it working for you even during market shifts. Introducing My Green Parachute, your solution to transforming an inactive license into a source of passive referral income. Say goodbye to MLS fees and board dues, and hello to a program that generates referral income effortlessly.


What do we offer?

Become a professional Referral Agent with My Green Parachute

The New House

It may be hard to justify the MLS, realtor fees and board dues that come around every month. As a Professional Referral Agent - you no longer have these fees hanging over your head. We have a great program that will bypass those fees, and generate referral income for you.

We have a great program that will bypass those fees, and generate referral income for you.

Keys To The New Place

As a Professional Referral Agent, while your license is in referral status, you will earn 25 percent referral commission. And you can reactivate to full time if you ever would like to. Easy peasy.


No more monthly burdens of MLS and realtor fees. Easily reactivate to full-time whenever you choose. It's a seamless transition with My Green Parachute.

Ways to Connect 

  1. Set up a one on one chat with the team leader, Lyn Kindley through her Calendar link here:

  2. Give Lyn a call or text at 401-545-0053

Webinar Information

Join us for a informational webinar Zoom meeting, which is held each week at 11:00am Eastern time on every Thursday. Our Zoom link is

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