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BWB Team

Brokered by eXp Realty


We are Brokers Without Borders

Our Goal & Purpose

​We are setting out to build a culture within real estate that gives back.


Embracing the "we" more than the "me". 


We are creating teams throughout the US and beyond. We want to make a difference that really matters by breaking down the borders between us. State borders, international borders, and the borders around ourselves. We believe these borders can keep us from truly being connected. Let's change this together!

Our goal is to truly be Brokers Without Borders.

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Team Guiding Principals


We sponsor you, bring you into the fold. We help you set up, make you part of the team, and help you get started in all things Brokers without Borders and eXp World. We've got your back! And there are a few freebies as well :-).

Coaching & Training

We understand that every new agent to eXp, or new agent to real estate has questions, and needs some guidance along the way. Brokers Without Borders has prepared a robust mentoring program for those that need and want it, as well as complete access to the team leaders when you want them. Works for everybody.


When you set out to create your goals each year, we are here to hold you accountable to meet those goals. We may seem like a persistent friend, or maybe sometimes a little annoying - but the point is, we care enough to help you create your own version of success.

Financial Strength

Equity Opportunity, Revenue Share, Company Stock, Fair Commission with low capping. This is all part of our financial model. This not only makes sense, it allows you to create a long term passive income, revenue share and stock options.


We believe everyone has something to offer, not just in our diversity, but our individual talents and gifts. Together we can create something incredible. Everyone on our team is included, and an invitation to join in everything we do is always open. To keep a balance, we encourage and expect our team members to contribute to the team with those gifts and talents in a way that they give back.  Imagine what we can do together, and individually!

Giving Back

Giving back is a simple and often overused term, yet it can make a huge difference both locally or globally when we put our "money where our mouth is" so to speak. This is an important part of our business, and makes a huge difference in the lives we live.  We're serious about it on both a local and global level. We go out into the community and pitch in, give back, and help where we can. Meeting people where they are, and helping in a way that makes a difference to them is what we strive for.

Retire in Style

BWB offers an exit strategy program that pays you long term income from all the hard work you put into the business while you were active.  As a Professional Referral Agent you can leverage all you have done, and not lose the  contacts and relationships you've built over the years.   More Here

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Join us and be part of the bigger "We"

Join us as we level the playing field and share our good fortune in the very communities we serve. It is because of our dedication to the "WE" as opposed to the "ME"  that the Team Leadership sets aside a portion of their income from every transaction and puts it back in the form of philanthropy to the areas in which we work.


Not only that, we have a humanitarian as part of the team that travels around to the areas we serve, as boots on the ground. The simple truth that we are all connected, and part of each others lives. We understand the importance of this. ​We are a team of real estate professionals helping to create and guide real estate entrepreneurs to think and live on a bigger scale of inter-connectedness. 


Simply put, WE vs. ME

Share the Vision

Why BWB?

It's simple, INSPIRATION

Hide and Seek

In each and every territory we work, a percentage of the team income goes back as charitable giving to that local community. 
This is who we are and what drives us. 

We put  our money where our mouth is. 

eXp Stats

There is a good reason for this incredible growth


Agents and brokers as of
April 2024


Agents and brokers on the eXp Realty platform increased 82% in 2022

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There are a few ways you can get involved in The BWB Team.

Either in a leadership position, or by becoming a partner

creating your own team,

or a member of our growing team.​

Either way, we'd love to talk with you!